Lockett & Co can assist you or your business with the following:

Temporary Event Notices (TENs) / Late Temporary Event Notices – If you are holding a small event as a one-off or on an occasional basis, and wish to carry out a licensable activity but do not have a Premises Licence to authorise you to do so, then a TEN can be applied for. A TEN can also be applied for where you wish to increase the licensable activity permitted on the Premises Licence, for example, to allow for increased alcohol trading hours on a special occasion.

Failed Test Purchases  If you have failed a test purchase, Lockett & Co can assist you with PACE taped interviews, liaising with the local authority, trading standards and/or the police, and putting together an action plan to ensure any issues are rectified and to prevent further failed test purchases.

Late Hours Catering Licence (New Applications and Renewals) – See here.

Food Registration Applications – If you run a food business, you will need to register the food business or require premises approval to operate.

Club Premises Certificate – If your premises is a members' club, such as a sports or social club, you may meet the conditions for requiring a Club Premises Certificate as opposed to a Premises Licence.

Petroleum Storage Certificate Under the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 if you carry out a business where petrol is stored for dispensing directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine or any other container, or you store large amounts of petrol for private use, then you will require a Petroleum Storage Certificate.

Approval of Premises for Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership – This approval is necessary for any premises wishing to conduct civil marriage or partnerships within the premises.

Pavement Licenses (also known as Tables and Chairs Licenses)  If your business is looking to put tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the public highway or pavement, you may require a licence.

Street Trading Licenses / Consents  If you wish to trade in the street – selling, exposing or offering any article for sale on roads, pavements or other areas the public have unrestricted access to without payment.

Explosive Licenses  If your business sells or stores fireworks, flares and smoke signals, small arms cartridges, cartridges for nail guns, cartridges for vehicle airbags.

Taxi Licenses  There are different types of licenses and you will need to ensure that you apply for the type of licence(s) that you require to legally operate your business. The different types of licenses are Private Hire Driver’s Licenses, Private Hire Vehicle Licenses, Private Hire Operator Licenses, Hackney Carriage Drivers Licence and Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licenses.

Sex Establishment Licenses  If you are looking to run a sex establishment such as a sex cinema, sex shops or sexual entertainment venue.