Due Diligence Materials (England, Wales & Scotland) – We are well known for our extensive due diligence package. This helps to ensure compliance and to demonstrate “due diligence”, proof that a company or individual has followed appropriate steps to comply with the licensing laws, adhering to the Premises Licence Conditions, and upholding the licensing objectives. Our due diligence materials have recently been refreshed to reflect the ever-changing landscape of the licensing sector.

Compliance Checks – Lockett & Co offer on-site visits to check the overall compliance of premises, its staff and its Designated Premises Supervisor / Designated Premises Manager, as well as issuing a compliance report to advise on our findings. These checks can include both a complete due diligence audit, an assessment of compliance with the licensing law and Premises Licence conditions, and Challenge 25 test purchases. These can take the form of a surprise visit or an organised meeting.