Depending on the premises you operate, the ability to carry out certain licensable activities could be a necessity, or an effective way to increase both customer footfall and income. To do this, you will need to obtain a premises licence.

The process of obtaining a premises licence, and subsequently maintaining and changing it, can be time-consuming and difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with the licensing law. Lockett & Co can help to make this more manageable. The below information relates to the Licensing Act 2003 (England and Wales). If you are looking for a licence in Scotland, see here.

The following services can be provided for obtaining a new premises licence:

Premises Licence – In order to carry out the following licensable activities at your premises, you must have a Premises Licence issued by the relevant local authority.

Sale of Alcohol by Retail – If you want to sell alcohol to customers for consumption ON and/or OFF the premises, this is what you need.

Provision of Regulated Entertainment – This could include plays, films, indoor sporting events, boxing or wrestling entertainment, live music, recorded music, and/or performances of dance.

Late Night Refreshment (LNR) – This allows your premises to serve hot food and/or hot drinks at any time between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00, even if not for the whole six hour duration.

Hearings (New Applications) – Lockett & Co will always endeavour to mediate and achieve the best and most cost-effective result for you. Where mediation is not successful, your application may proceed to a hearing. Lockett & Co can assist you with this process.

If you are looking to carry out a licensable activity as a one-off, limited event, you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) instead; see our Additional Services page.

The following services can be provided for maintaining and changing an existing premises licences:

Transfer – If you sell or buy a business with an existing licence, that licence can be transferred from the existing licence holder to the new one, so that the licensable activities can continue from that premise.

Annual Fees – A fee must be paid to the local authority each year on the anniversary of the grant of the premises licence to ensure its continuation. This fee will vary for different premises, depending on the premises' rateable value. Failure to pay the annual fee on time will result in the suspension of your licence. Lockett & Co can manage the payment of the annual fees for any premises licences you may hold.

Review Hearings – See our Additional Services page for more information.

Failed Test Purchases – See our Additional Services page for more information.