Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)


As of 1 May 2018, the new Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) will affect all sales of alcohol in Scotland. There has been a lot of panic about this but we're here to help you through it.

Calculating the Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) couldn't be easier: the price per unit (50p) x the strength of the alcohol (% ABV) x the volume (litres). No matter what, you must always round up to the nearest decimal place where relevant. With multi-packs, always calculate the MUP of a single bottle or can, and then multiply by the number of bottles or cans.

So to calculate the MUP of a 70cl bottle of vodka with a 40% ABV:
50 x 0.40 x 0.70 = £14

To calculate the MUP of a 4-pack of 330ml cans of beer with a 5.6% ABV:
50 x 0.056 x 0.330 = £0.93 (per can) x 4 = £3.72

We've also created this handy MUP Calculator that will figure out the MUP of any product for you.

If you have any questions about MUP, from staff training for MUP to ensuring compliance, Lockett & Co are here and happy to help.